Windmill De Nolet

Nolet Distillery has been in Schiedam since 1691. They built a new tower windmill. This does not mill grain. Instead it generates electricity. It is expected to generate 250,000 kWh per year.

There is a reception room, a cinema and meeting space in the mill. It is a modern energy windmill ‘disguised’ as a traditional windmill, but equipped with the latest technology.

Windmill De Nolet

This mill cleverly combines the old and the new. Externally it is identical to the existing tower windmills. Internally there is a fully automatic turbine. There’s no need for a miller.


The blades have a modern, aerodynamic profile, designed by the TU Delft. In combination with modern technology, the windmill should be able to carry out its work quietly at a gentle pace. Windmill aficionados see a system that is reminiscent of the classic Dekkerwiek. The windmill has a capacity of 150 kW, twice as much as a traditional windmill.

Windmill De Nolet
Hoofdstraat 6