Windmill De Kameel

Between 1715 and 1868 windmill De Kameel was close to this square and it was part of some 20 tower windmills. These windmills were used to mill grain for the Schiedam gin industry, which was massive at that time.

The mill is fully operational and will have some public purposes. It’s also likely that it will start generating green electricity.

Malt mill

Reaching 30.5 metres high, the Molen De Kameel is no small boy. Still it looks modest in comparison to the old windmill giants of Schiedam. That’s because the newest malt mill was originally built in 1715, when the gin industry was just beginning. The demand for malt was not yet so great so smaller, slenderer mills sufficed. With the completion of De Kameel, this part of Schiedam’s gin and windmill history is once again visible.


What’s striking about De Kameel is the so-called cave. Small ships can sail into the mill through a semi-circular passageway for loading and unloading.


Windmill De Kameel was officially opened for use in 2011. After years of preparation, the reconstruction of this windmill started on Monday, 10 November, 2008. 

Windmill De Kameel
Doeleplein 6