SAU Spirits is a true family business: it is created and operated by a family from Schiedam with Moluccan roots. The family of four visited the Moluccan Islands for the very first time in 2015. On this trip they discovered Sopi – a traditional Moluccan Spirit enjoyed during special occasions.   


On the Moluccan Islands Sopi is enjoyed in the company of others, whether you know each other or not. When the jerrycan appears, you drink, share and laugh together.  

After their visit to the Moluccan Islands, an idea came up to produce their own Moluccan spirit. Back in Schiedam, SAU Spirits was born: a jenever with cloves and lime. SAU is short for saudara. Saudara describes family or a deeply connected friendship.  

SAU Spirits is doing something right: during the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) in 2021 they won the Bronze award and the year after they even won the Silver award! 

- SAU Jenever