Lidwina is one of the most important women in the history of Schiedam. She is the only North Dutch female saint, and is one of the most famous saints in the Netherlands. Her remains are in the Lidwina Basilica.

After a fall on the ice in 1396 or 1397, Lidwina broke a rib. An abscess developed that would not heal. She was bedridden for the rest of her life. From her sickbed she comforted the poor and suffering. People came from near and far to ask for more suffering to convert sinners and liberate souls from purgatory.

Patron saint of Schiedam and ice-skaters

Lidwina experienced visions and in ecstasy she visited the Holy Land, heaven, hell and purgatory with her guardian angel, Rome. During her travels to paradise, her guardian angel gave her a rose branch. Lidwina would only die when the branch was in bloom. Lidwina died on Tuesday 14 April, 1433.

The holiness of Lidwina was confirmed by Pope Leo XIII on 14 March, 1890. Lidwina is patron saint of the sick, ice-skaters, and the parish and city of Schiedam. The annual celebration of the feast of Saint Lidwina is held on the second Sunday after Easter.

Liduina Basiliek (Lidwina Basilica)

Lidwina’s remains are in the beautiful Neo-Gothic Liduina Basiliek (Lidwina Basilica) in Schiedam. The basilica was built between 1878 and 1881.

It is the only basilica in South Holland. You can learn a lot about Lidwina here. There is a 19th century Lidwina Chapel. Hanging on the wall are eight, beautiful, colourful, meticulously painted panels depicting the saint’s life. There is also a Lidwina devotion space and a shrine with the remains of the saint.