A large collection of books, a beautiful courtyard with a reading table and many study spaces with a beautiful view over the historic centre. Free Wi-Fi, a large collection of DVDs, Blu-rays and comics, and even roasted coffee. That is the library (bibliotheek) of Schiedam.

The Netherlands ‘Greenest’ Library

The library in the Korenbeurs is the first ‘green’ library in the Netherlands. The courtyard features large trees four to six metres high. The main trees are Bucida, Tamarinde and Ficus. Trees that weigh from 150 to 350 kilos.

“The library atrium is a large, high space. So you need large trees to fill the space”, says Dennis Zuidgeest, Zuidkoop’s project leader. “But what we wanted to achieve with the design of the courtyard, is an atmosphere that you would find outside. We deliberately avoided a tropical garden and opted for trees similar to those you would find on a Dutch street.”

Improved accessibility

Necessary adjustments were needed to make the Korenbeurs suitable for its function as a library. There is a new staircase and lift. Ramps have been positioned so that both floors offer disabled access. There are also wheelchairs available for use.

Sustainable solutions

Besides being ‘truly’ green, the design of the building is also sustainable. There are recycled bookcases made from industrial cardboard. There is LED lighting. The temperature is regulated through a climate control system in the planters around the trees. The chairs at the reading table are made from PET bottles.

Lange Haven 145
3111 CD Schiedam

Opening hours

maandag10.00 - 17:00

dinsdag10.00 - 17:00

woensdag10.00 - 17:00

donderdag10.00 - 20:00

vrijdag10.00 - 17:00

zaterdag10.00 - 17:00

zondag10.00 - 17:00