Basiliek H. Liduina en OLV Rozenkrans

The Liduina Basiliek is a Neo-Gothic building designed by the architect E.J. Margry. It was built between 1878 and 1881. In 1990 the church was designated as a basilica. In 1994 the restoration began. It is used as a Roman Catholic church, dedicated to Lidwina and Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.

Oriented three-aisled basilica

It is a detached oriented basilica. Oriented which means that the altar faces east, towards the rising sun (Christ as the Sol Oriƫns: The Rising Light). But also towards Jerusalem, a sacred point, namely the place where Christ died and rose again.

Only basilica in South Holland

Lidwina of Schiedam has been patroness of this church since 1969. In 1990, Pope John Paul II designated the church with the title of “Basilica minor”. This title may be given to churches that hold special significance for the diocese, country or the world. The church was designated as a basilica because it contains the remains of St. Lidwina. It is the only one in South Holland.

Basiliek van de Heilige Liduina en O.L. Vrouw Rozenkrans

The church is officially called the Basilica of Saint Lidwina and Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. It is usually referred to as Lidwina Basilica. Rightly so, as when the church is open, you can learn a lot about Lidwina through the various works of art.
There is a 19th century Lidwina Chapel. Chasubles embroidered with scenes from the life of the saint. Eight, beautiful, colourful, meticulously painted panels depicting the saint’s life. Modern stained-glass windows. A Lidwina devotion area. Last but not least, a shrine containing the remains of the saint.

The Liduina Basiliek is open to visitors every Saturday from April to October.

Basiliek H. Liduina en OLV Rozenkrans
Singel 104