The current Babbersmolen was built in 1710 to replace a wooden windmill. The polder windmill was used to drain the Babberspolder. As far as we know, the Babbersmolen is the oldest surviving stone polder windmill in the Netherlands.

Miller families

The windmill continued to decay in the 20th century until only a bare shell remained. The windmill has now been fully restored to an operating mill. Since 1875, four generations have taken care of the draining of the polder at the Babbersmolen. The windmill has also been home to two miller families for many years.

Turbulent history

Since the end of the 19th century, the windmill has had quite a turbulent history. In 1888 it was elevated 3 metres and a circle balcony was added. This was done because the laying of an adjacent railway line threatened to decrease the amount of wind it would receive.

In 1897 the original wooden wheel was replaced with an iron one. The iron wheel had a special design. Where a wheel usually scoops up the water, the new design cut through the water. To-date the windmill is the only remaining example of a tower windmill with such a wheel.

The Babbersmolen is open to the public during certain major events. Visit the Babbersmolen Facebook page for more information (in Dutch only).

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